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Jun 27, 2020 to Jul 5, 2020
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Kick off your scouting adventures with an amazing fall camp at Anglin Lake. This will be our 6th Annual! Open to Scouts & 3rd Year Cubs (Howlers). Come experience the beautiful north! 1st & 2nd Year Scouts - camp based skills activities More Experienced Scouts - build on your camp skills by using them in theme based challenge activities 3rd Year Cubs - get ready for your Howler role! FLEX Leadership activities based on the Canadian Path Trail Cards
Updated 15 weeks 6 days ago

Scouts Canada, l’organisation jeunesse la plus importante au pays, offre des programmes stimulants pour les garçons et les filles âgés de 5 à 26 ans dans des milliers de groupes répartis dans la plupart des villes du Canada.

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Scout Canada-Saskatchewan Council would like to acknowledge and thank the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation for the generosity of the annual funding grant to support Scouting Adventures in the province of Saskatchewan.

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