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Wilderness Scholarship

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Scouts Cananda aims to develop youth physically, spiritually and emotionally. As a result, the youth which particiapte in Scouting gain skills to enjoy and survie in wilderness situations while becoming self-assured, responsible, environmentally conscious citizens,  In Saskatchewan, part of that mandate is addressed through the three Provincial Program Camps (Campanoe, Pianue and Wilderness Rendezvous) which occur every July and August.  These camps offer progressive programs which are 4 - 7 years in lenght for youth ages 10 - 17. It is apparent upon the completion of these programs that the youth are more mature, self-confident, determined and responsible individuals. Unfournately, not every youth has the opportunity to experience these life changing programs! Although the program costs are very reasonable, all three of these camps do require specialized equipment.  In order to provide quality programming to all youth, we have created the Wilderness Camping Scholarship.  The scholarship will cover the significant costs of these summer camps including equipment, for the selected youth. While our man focus will obviously be to provide assistance to our existing membership, the long term goal is to offer these programs to youth not currently in the Scouting program.  Since Scouting is available to youth of any gender, race or religious affliation, no child should or will be left behind.  The Scouting program is already changing lives each and evey day.  Wth the inclusion of the Wilderness Schoarship we will continue to make a better world for tomorrow, one day and one child at  time!

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Scout Canada-Saskatchewan Council would like to acknowledge and thank the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation for the generosity of the annual funding grant to support Scouting Adventures in the province of Saskatchewan.

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