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Click here to access the Scouts Canada Training page.

How do I access online training?

Woodbadge Part I (Basic Leader Training)

Section 6001 of BP&P states “Adults are required to complete training and development in order to ensure competence in their role”. This means that training is mandatory for all roles in Scouting.

Section 6002.6 of BP&P states “it is important to note that every new leader is expected to successfully complete the Group or Section Wood Badge Part 1 course appropriate to their role within the first year and preferably within four months”. Effective September 1, 2013 new volunteers who have not completed Wood Badge 1 for their primary role will not count for ratio, and effective December 31, 2012 renewing volunteers who have not completed Wood Badge 1 will not be an active member.

Group Commissioners and Section Scouters (Leaders) who successfully complete the WB1 course will be presented with their WB1 woggle at the completion of the course.


WB1 Minimum Age Revision

Effective immediately, the minimum age for Woodbadge 1 training has been reduced to 14 years old, to allow Activity Leaders and Scouters in Training to attend this course.  See the memo below from Jim Mason, our Council Commissioner.

Memo from Jim Mason.


Training Options

Volunteer training is essential to developing quality programs for our youth members.

Scouts Canada requires that every volunteer, both new leaders and returning leaders assuming a new role, take the training for their role within one year of assuming that role, and preferably within the first four months.

Providing training to our volunteers has been a challenge in SK Council because of our unique geography, and the rural/urban mix of our Scouting population.

 Wood Badge Part I

Scouts Canada is pleased to be able to offer two very different training approaches for Wood Badge Part I training in order to meet the needs of its volunteers:  E-learning and Face-to-Face Courses.


  1. can be accessed through the Scouts Canada website
  2. may be appropriate for leaders who face significant challenges in scheduling a free weekend away
  3. may be appropriate for leaders who have previous WB1 training and are moving into a new role
  4. may be appropriate for leaders who prefer to learn on their own, at their own pace and times
  5. requires a computer with, preferably high speed, internet access
  6. requires that all FIVE modules be completed successfully before WB1 recognition is conferred.
  7. Leaders who have completed one or more modules on-line are welcome to attend any Face-to-Face training event to complete the balance needed to receive recognition.  Training fees will be pro-rated in this case to cover the cost of training for the module.


Face-to-Face Courses:

  1. are appropriate for leaders who desire to meet and network with other Scouters from across the Council
  2. are appropriate for new and returning leaders who prefer to work and learn together in a team setting
  3. requires a willingness to put the “OUT” in their own Scouting experience



Q.  Just noticed on the website there is an e-learning for woodbadge training, is this a full course?  I understand our leaders would get more hands on by attending a training session, but this may be an option for some that are unable to get away for a weekend. 

A.  Yes, the full course is now available for each section and group committee. Be sure to complete all 5 modules for your selected section. You will also find training courses for Child and Youth Saftey, Accisiblility and Volunteer Screening.

Q. I just completed my training online. Why do I not see it in myScouts?

A. Training information in myScouts is only updated once every 24 hours. If after waiting it still does not show up some common issues are that not all questions were answered correctly or that you clicked threw the slides too quick. Contact our DCC training or the help desk if you need help.

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