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Scoutrees is a fundraiser that is all about giving back to the community and environment. In short you collect pledges and then go plant trees. 15% of the funds you collect get sent to the Canadian Scout Brotherhood Fund. These funds assist Scouting members in developing countries. The remainder stays with your group.

Three ways to collect pledges

Door to door

Your group selects a location that they are going to plant trees in such as a local park. They then go door to door collecting pledges towards planting the trees. You may set a goal before hand such as $_ = 1 tree planted.

Corporate pledges

Some corporations, such as mines, are looking to balance the their impact on the environment by participatating in projects like Scoutrees. They may sponsor all of the trees that you are planting this year. They may even have a location in mind that they would like the trees planted in. Partnering with your local town council or parks and rec association would fall under this category as well.

Sears Scoutrees days

Scouts Canada and Sears Canada have partnered together since 2009 to promote Scouts Canada's environmental initiatives and National Scoutrees Program. Sears invites local groups into their stores to set up displays on Scouting, showcase Scouts Canada's programs and activities, share our environmental programs and collect donations from Sears customers. If your group is interested in participating this year, please email with your group name, the Sears location that you are interested in. This typically happens two weekends in April.

Where do the trees come from?

Sources of trees vary depending on local greenhouses and government programs. You may find that your corporate pledger will supply the trees and just needs someone to plant them. 

If you have a source for trees that can be shared with other groups please email their contact info to and we will post it here.

Environmental Impact

You can find a lot of information about the environmental impact of planting trees on the national Scoutree site.

Passion for Scoutrees?

Are you passionate about Scoutrees? We are looking for someone local who can be an advisor to groups that are looking to run the program for the first time. The national advisor may be reached at

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