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Saskatchewan Service Corps

Who Are We?

"...The Corps is what Scouting should be, and will always be."

- Padre Geoff Hopper, Scouting Chaplain


The Service Corps is a specialized group of  highly mature youth (Scouts, Venturers and Rovers)  trained at an adult level to provide service work and a progressive and stimulating program for the Scouting in Saskatchewan. The aim of the Service Corps is to provide and assist Scouting Leaders in a wider scope of understanding towards the outdoors, and to build confidence, self-esteem, imagination and skill in the Scouting youth of the province, leading to the full development of their potential.

In 2021 we had 2 Scouts, 12 Venturers and 6 Rovers

What We Do

The major function of the Service Corps is to staff the Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Camp during the spring and summer months. The Corps provides maintenance to the camp and quality program activities to the users of the camp. During the winter months we train constantly to keep our outdoor Scouting skills sharp. We are also available, to deliver outdoor Scouting program to any and all Scouting Groups in the province. We are also available to be contracted by non-Scouting groups such as Church groups or School groups.

Brief History of the Corps

The Service Corps was first organized in October 1958 at the request of Scoutmasters in the Saskatoon Area Council. The Executive Commissioner of the Saskatoon Area, Ken Moore was appointed Scoutmaster for what was then called the District Public Service Troop.

In 1973 the name was changed to the Headquarters Service Corps and later changed to the North Saskatchewan Region Service Corps. Following the merging of the North and South into one Council, the Corps changed once again to reflect the new direction of Scouting in Saskatchewan and became the Saskatchewan Service Corps (a specialized Scout Troop/Venturer Company/Rover Crew).

The role of the Service Corps expanded and changed, and to aid in the transition, a Service Corps Rover Crew was established in 1999 to assist and help train the younger members. Once again, the Corps is undergoing some new changes to keep up with the changing world in which we exist. Starting in the summer of 2001, the Corps began offering program camps and other forms of training and recreational activities to Scouting in Saskatchewan. Currently the Service Corps is available to provide program and service to Saskatchewan Scouting groups in any way possible.

Membership - I Want To Join!

The Corps requires enthusiastic new members in order to continue to provide the quality of services we offer. We encourage Scouts to join between the ages of 12 and 14 and continue to be members until the end of the Scout-year in which you reach 18 (Venturers). For those that want even more adventure, our Rover Crew is an opportunity to take the incredible outdoor skills that you have learned as a Scout and Venturer to a whole new level. If you'd like to join and become part of this unique Scouting experience, read on!


What do I do?

We are open to anyone who wants to do what we do.  Like other "vocational venturer companies" we have a focused interest and skill development. To ensure that this is the right fit for you, we have an application process. To become a member, you'll first need to discuss your application with your parent(s)/guardian(s) and your Scouter. Please reach out to us and ask lots of questions! After that discussion, you must submit an application form which must also be signed by your parent(s)/guardian(s) and Scouter. Applications can be gained by contacting us at:, or click follow this link: Application for a printable pdf.

Once we receive your completed application in order, you will be asked to attend a one-week orientation camp held at Anglin Lake in the summer. This is just the first step to the exciting years that lay ahead as a member of the Saskatchewan Service Corps!

What happens next?

It doesn't stop here, though! Throughout your time in the Corps, opportunities for improvement are always available and encouraged. We have meetings throughout the winter months which consist of training, service work, and lots of fun - these will keep your skills sharp and give you a chance to learn some new ones. These meetings, combined with experience throughout the summer, will provide you with some of the knowledge and skills needed to become an instructor and a canoe guide, the two titles that Corps members strive for.

The Corps members don't stick to their Scout/Venturer/Rover sections, everyone in the Corps attends the same meetings and events - we're one group there to help each other out and work together. The Service Corps is a "meritocracy", whereby respect is gained by merit and not based on your age, seniority, or Section to which you belong.


2020 Venturers

2019 Group Photo

The Service Corps Crest

The Service Corps Flag

Service Corps Members 2014-2015


Saskatchewan Service Corps flag, flying at camp. 



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