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Saskatchewan Scouting Foundation

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The Purpose of the Saskatchewan Scouting Fundation is to raise, invest and administer funds while preserving the Capital Base for the use of supporting of Scouting projects that are not within the field of normal day to day operations. Funds may not be used for any purpose other than for the benefit of Scouting in Sasatchewan and preference will be given to projects which are designed to address new needs, test new approaches, introduce new programs or resources and which wll serve and or strnghten Scouting witin the Province.

In the past the main focus of our support has been in and around the area of Scouting in the Outdoors and in support of our Summer Camps, to help handle the purchase of larger more expensive items that support said programs. It is the firm belief of the Board of Directors that each of the projects should also include local commitments of there own support in each of the projects.

The Current Board Members of the Saskatchewan Scouting Foundation are:

Aaron Behiel, Humboldt, SK

Gary Milton, Earl Grey, SK

Garry Brown, Pennant, SK

John deGraauw, Lafleche, SK 

Paul Korpan, Regina, SK

Susan Stewardson, Yorkton, SK

Information on the foundation and applying for funding is attahced.

If you feel your project has merit and should be considered; please feel free to fill out the application and forward it  the Foundation, for their consdderation.

Fr any further information or questions contac us:


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Scout Canada-Saskatchewan Council would like to acknowledge and thank the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation for the generosity of the annual funding grant to support Scouting Adventures in the province of Saskatchewan.

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