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Baden Powel Guild

What is the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds?

It is an independent organization, consisting of all members of the Baden-Powell Guilds in Canada. We are affiliated with Scouts Canada.

The Canadian Fellowship is comprised largely of former members of the Scouting and Guiding movement who wish to continue to associate with like minded people and lend assistance to those movements when they are able.

Our Aims:

The Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds is an organization for adults who support Scouting and Guiding and promote fellowship on a worldwide basis. While based on the fundamental ideals of the Scout and Guide movements, the aim of the organization is to encourage members to enhance their personal development while actively supporting the Scout and Guide activities in their communities by conveying the values that were learned during their own involvement, as youth or leaders, to the newer members of these worldwide organizations. Through the enthusiastic demonstration of how the principles of Scouting and Guiding have affected their lives, members encourage others to participate in the worldwide fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds.

Our Objectives:

To establish a liaison and a co-operation between the National organization of former adult Scouts and Guides;

To promote friendship amongst former adult Scouts and Guides within Canada and throughout the world.


Are Guild members, members of Scouts Canada? Yes and no. Only Guild members of Scouts Canada may wear the Scouts Canada shirt as they have done the required training and screening. As adult members of Scouts Canada they would count for ratios when working with youth. Guild members who are not members of Scouts Canada may not wear the uniform of Scouts Canada.

What is a Baden-Powell Guild? This refers to a group of five or more adults who are (or were) members of the Scout or Guide organizations; the spouses of these eligible members as well as other persons who subscribe to the principles of Scouting or Guiding, who have made a commitment to provide service and support to either organization and who also accept the Aims and Principles of the Canadian Fellowship of Baden-Powell Guilds. All members of Baden-Powell Guilds must be prepared to make or reaffirm the Promise of either Scouts Canada or Girl Guides of Canada, during an investiture ceremony, to become a member of a Baden-Powell Guild.

Scouts Canada, the country’s leading youth organization, offers challenging programs for boys, girls and youth age 5-26 in thousands of individual groups in most cities and towns across Canada.

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