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As we all know, finding Leaders to deliver program to our youth is getting tougher and tougher these days.  Have you considered utilizing some of your Senior Scouts and Venturer aged youth to help out with the situation?

There are two categories of youth that you may not be familiar with who can possibly help you out in this regard;

Activity Leaders

Activity Leaders (AL’s) are registered members, 14 or 15 years old, who work with a Beaver Colony or a Wolf Cub Pack as part of its leadership team of the Section.

Activity leaders assist with the conduct of activities and serve as instructors or helpers as members of the Beaver Colony or Wolf Cub Pack leadership team. They must be willing to participate in a training program designed for this age group in order to equip themselves for the job.  NOTE:  They are not part of the Scouter-to-youth ratio.

Scouters in Training

Scouters-in-Training (SIT’s) are registered members, 16 or 17 years old, who work with a Beaver Colony, Wolf Cub Pack or a Scout Troop.  Scouters-in-Training assist with the operation of any aspects of the program as members of the Beaver Colony, Wolf Cub Pack, and Scout Troop leadership team.

Scouters-in-Training must be willing to participate in a development program to equip them for the job.  As such, SIT’s are eligible to take Wood Badge Part I and 2, and upon completion, receive the appropriate recognition.  SIT’s working with Colony and Pack sections can be included in the Scouter-to-Youth member ratio provided they have:

(1) successfully completed Wood Badge Part I for the section in which they will be working

(2) have completed three Personal Reference Checks (usually the individuals section Leaders)

(3) has read and understands the Duty of Care document.

Note: A minimum of two registered adults must be maintained in the section.

I’m issuing a challenge to all of you, to find youth who can help in your section, and get them involved as much as possible.  We need to begin the early involvement and training process of our youth in order to utilize their skills and talents as they grow and develop into young adults.  These youth will become tomorrow’s Leaders!!  In recognition of fulfilling either of the above roles, each AL or SIT will receive a special badge that is sewn onto their left sleeve.  Click the picture for badge placement.

To obtain the badge, send me a short email outlining the youth’s involvement. 

Jim Mason

Council Commissioner

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