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Wilderness Rendezvous

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Event date: 
Jun 30, 2018 to Jul 8, 2018
Standard Date:
1st week of July
Cypress Hills
Early Bird $250 plus GST /member (includes food and park fees)
Total $262.50
Contact Info:
Contact Info: 
Penelope - 306-536-2736
Contact Info: 
Garry - 306-536-3204

Looking for a new summer adventure?  Wilderness Rendezvous is certainly the place to find one!  Located in the beautifully stunning and scenic West Block of Cypress Hills,WR  is a progressive nine-day camp designed to challenge 3rd year cubs, scouts and venturers.  WR provides a 7-year program, beginning with 3rd year cubs in the Pioneering program, which, by its’ conclusion, will provide basic and advanced survival, back country camping, orienteering, map work and compass skills.  The program fosters independence through gradual release style instruction where Scouts are provided the skills necessary to survive while hiking, first with direct instruction and leadership, and slowly culminating with the 4th year program in which youth hike, following compass and map instructions without leadership, and with all supplies necessary to survive for five days without adult intervention.  Following the hiking program, youth may partake in the Rovers and STING programs aimed to foster leadership, maturity and search and rescue skills.  WR focuses on building self-confidence, awareness and aims to promote leadership and strong self reliability through a fun and exciting challenge in one of Saskatchewan’s greatest natural environments, away from technology and the hustle and bustle of 21st century life.  For further information, or to sign up for the adventure of a lifetime, contact either Penelope or Garry or any other members of our staff.

Our pre camp will be June 08th, 09th and 10th, 2018 @ main campground in the West Block, Cypress Hills,




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