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Regina Food Bank Drive

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Oct 19, 2019
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One Time Event
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Shelley at the Foodbank to get maps (306-347-0884)

The city wide foodbank drive in Regina is on Saturday October 19 this year.  Scout groups who are interested in participating should contact Shelley at the Foodbank to get maps (306-347-0884) - They should be available by Sept 16 from her.   Guides get first dibs on the maps so not all areas are available, but Shelley tells me there are MANY maps available and they are given out on a first come basis.  The city is divided up into sections and these are divided into colored street routes.  They prefer to hand out a complete section as a package and the group hands out the individual colored road routes.  Last year it was just drive-by and pick up food left on doorsteps. Easy and valuable community service.

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