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Prairie Heartland Race Day in the Mall

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Mar 23, 2019
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One Time Event
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* These amounts are based on last year and may change.
   Please check back later for the actually cost.
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Contact Info:

Our 2019 Kub Kar Race Day at the Mall is just around the corner!


Information regarding dates, time and other details can be found on the attached poster.

Beavers and Scouts 8:30-10

Cubs 11-1


1) Find your groups tab through the following link:


2) Fill out the document completely. Don’t forget to list your volunteers.   Your Group MUST provide a Scouter for every 5 youth (or portion thereof) per section. These Scouters will be used to help move the Scouts through the Races, so we will need enough Scouters at each level. Please be aware, a Scouter who volunteers for the Beavers cannot also volunteer for the Scouts, because they race at the same time. For Example, If you have 7 Beavers, 15 Cubs and 2 Scouts, we need six Scouters - three for the morning and three for the afternoon runs.


3) Registration closes on MARCH 7 th at 10p.m. After this day you will no longer be able to

make changes to your page.


4) NEW THIS YEAR:Pre-payment for your group is required. You will be sent an e-bill via

email which is to be paid by cheque (postmarked March 13 th ) or e-transfer (also on or

before March 13th ). Cheque and e-transfer information will be sent out with the bill and must be received before THURSDAY, MARCH 14.


If you have any questions feel free to email Bill at

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