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Offer of Service - SK Cub Camp 2019

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Event date: 
Jun 6, 2019 to Jun 9, 2019
Standard Date:
1st Weekend of June
Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Scout Camp
$40 per Offer of Service, covers camping fees & food
MAIL PAYMENT to: 1331 96th Street, N. Battleford, SK, S9A 0H3
Contact Info: 
Dawn McBain - Camp Administrator
Contact Info: 
Lana Abrahamson - Camp Chief
Contact Info: 
Jennifer Tondevold - Assistant Camp Chief
Contact Info:

If you are looking for the event page to get registration & information for participants & cub packs, please follow this link: 2019 SK Cub Camp


What an exciting theme chosen by the youth!  The adventure will include survival skills, puzzles and challenges.  Register early - and you will be able to help chose & plan the activities.  We really want your input on what would be fun and how to do it!

Location: ANGLIN LAKE Scout Camp

We are so fortunate to have many amazing scout camps in our province.  Council has decided to move the Cub Camp around the province every few years to showcase some of these amazing properties.  This year's location is on the end of the beautiful Anglin Lake - known for it's amazing sunsets, and on the edge of the incredible boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan. The camp is staffed and maintained by the Saskatchewan Service Corps Venturer Company.  They are excited to host us and eager to offer their services as needed.  They are a start to our OOS Team - but we need many more.  Last year we had almost 30 youth involved as OOS!  It was an awesome time.  This year, we need even more.

Cost: $40 - ** LATE FEES CANCELLED**

Included in your fee is your food and camping fees.  MAIL PAYMENT to:  1331 96th Street, North Battleford, SK, S9A 0H3

What does an OOS do?

Offer of Service is just that.  You are signing up to help run the camp.  There are many opportunities to help:

  • Kitchen Team - providing food prep, clean-up and cooking for the OOS team and the camp wide lunch
  • Reception/Ambassador Team - greet campers, give direction, direct any inquiries, and help resolve any issues in base camp areas.  Those wanting to be on this team need to be in camp and ready to work by 4pm Friday.
  • Camp Set-up Crew - Arrive on Thursday night or early Friday morning and help get camp ready.  You can do this role and another.
  • Administration Team: At camp you will help take care of the details and paperwork: knowing who is on what OOS team, who is in which group, where they are camped, who is in camp, which youth are in what Lair (small group), etc.
  • Support Team: These are our runners/gophers.  You will fill in where needed, fetch supplies, groceries, water etc.  You will check on programs/sessions and refill supplies they need, or get assistance they may require
  • 1st Aid Team - must have Standard First Aid, CPR Level A as a minimum and be able to show current certification. (Should be entered into MyScouts)
  • Program Team - On Saturday there is usually between 8-10 sessions scheduled for the "LAIRS" or small groups to circulate through.  The program team works in pairs and runs an activity/session.  Please note - it is very important that you be in camp and available from 8-10pm on Friday night to set up your session area and practise your session.
  • Activity Leaders -  2 people to be with each LAIR and accompany them through the cycle of activities/sessions.  Scouters & Parents may be joining you, but we want them to be able to wander & check on their other youth, rather than being assigned to a LAIR

OOS Meetings

We are strongly encouraging the OOS to come on Thursday night.  We realize that this means missing school, but we really need the extra time to be prepared for the cubs to arrive on Friday after 4pm.  There will be OOS Meetings at various times during the weekend and often during meals.  In addition, those that register early may be invited to be on some planning conference calls to try to get youth input on the activities. 

What do I need to bring?

You, your personal gear & tents and of course your sense of humour and desire to have fun!

Do we have downtime?

Absolutely!  The OOS camping area will have it's own fire rings and staff areas.  All OOS are encouraged to camp together.  Just bring your tent & we'll find you a spot.  On Saturday evening, there is a wide game after supper for the cubs.  We are looking for a scout/venturer activity or challenge.  Suggestions are welcome!  A formal campfire will be for all, but afterwards, you get to relax and visit!

How do I apply?

OOS REGISTRATION PACKAGE - Email us right away to let us know that you are coming at  Then just click this link to get a printable package that you can fill out and email to or mail to 1331 96th Street, N Battleford, SK, S9A 0H3

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