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Jungle Camp

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Apr 7, 2017 to Apr 9, 2017
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One Time Event
Camp Seeonee
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The Purpose of the Jungle Camp is to:

l  introduce and promote the Cub Program and the Jungle Theme to Whitetail Beavers

l  ensure the smooth transition from Beavers to Cubs by:

   meeting and becoming comfortable with new leaders while in the company of familiar ones

  learning what they can expect from the Cub program

  having tons of fun!!!!


White Tail Beavers will experience what it is like to be a Cub at camp by:

l  becoming part of a Lair with their Keeo, or another Cub acting as a Howler

l  working on Cub activities through camping activities, games, and crafts.

l  contributing to camp life via Duty Roster jobs with their Lair

l  working as a team with their Lair in friendly competition with the other Lairs

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