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Explorer Hike

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Event date: 
Nov 1, 2014 6:00 pm to Nov 2, 2014 3:00 am
Standard Date:
Fourth weekend of October
Regina Wildlife Federation Building, just north of White City
$12 per hiker
$3 for a staff badge
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Len Gendall
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Contact Info: 
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Phone: 306-545-6668
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Note: The date has been pushed back a week to Nov 1 due to facility availability.

Come out and attend the Explorer Hike – challenge your youth to test their determination and endurance.  While achieving a number of badge requirements during this event, they will also experience a wide variety of great outdoor activities, as well as participating in a challenging nighttime hike.

This year’s hike will start at the Regina Wildlife Federation (RWF) Building, just north of White City.  Our base camp will be in the RWF building.  To register your team, please fill out the attached registration form and return it to the address indicated on the bottom of the registration form, along with the applicable registration fees, or you may register at the RWF building prior to the Leaders Meeting.

The leaders and adults that bring the hikers to this event will be required to help out at an event as station managers, ensuring the hikers enjoy their evening.  Station staff will drive a hiking team to their station to start the hike, and back to the RWF building following completion of the hike to check-out.


Station staff should arrive at the RWF between 3:00PM and 5:00PM on Saturday afternoon.  Each station manager must check in with the Hikemaster immediately upon arrival to confirm the station location.  Station managers are to have their station ready by 5:30.  This early time will allow us to react to any problems that may occur prior to starting. 

There will be a Leaders meeting for station managers and staff at 6:00 PM sharp just prior to starting the hike.  Attendance is mandatory, as we have a lot of information to swap.  At 7:00PM, station staff will drive the hikers to their starting station, and officially start the hike.  The hikers do not immediately complete the station they are driven to; rather they proceed to the next station to start their first event.  They will finish the hike at the station they were driven to.

Each Station Manager may be provided with a mobile radio so that communication can be maintained with each station during the hike. If you have a cell phone, please provide that number to the base camp staff prior to the event.

The RWF building will only be used for emergency purposes during the hike.  Should one of the hikers be unable to finish the hike, a roving staff member will be dispatched to pick them up and bring them back to the building, or to their home station, until the rest of the team finishes.  Upon completion of the hike, you must check-out at base camp before leaving the event, and then are free to leave for home. 



Proper all-weather hiking gear is to be worn and/or carried by all hikers.  Each team must have the following items in their possession before starting the hike:

  • 1 compass for every 2 hikers
  • 1 canteen of water for each hiker
  • 1 emergency medical kit for each team
  • minimum of 2 flashlights per team
  • suitable food for the hike (for example - trail mix, snacks, sandwiches)

Plan to use outdoor toilet facilities, so bring some supplies for your own use.

The station managers are to ensure that the equipment and attitudes are present before the hike begins.

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