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Canadian Jamboree

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Event date: 
Jul 2017 to Jul 2017
Standard Date:
Every 4 years
Nova Scotia
Amount to budget: 
CJ'13 was $750/participant (youth and unit Scouters)
Amount to budget: 
CJ'13 was $300/Offer of Service
Amount to budget: 
+ About $800-1000 for flight to Nova Scotia
* These amounts are based on last year and may change.
   Please check back later for the actually cost.
Contact Info: 
Nova Scotia Council/CJ'17 organizing team

The next Canadian Jamboree (CJ) will be held in Nova Scotia in July of 2017. This decision has been made in consultation with the NS Council, as they are planning their own Council Jamboree, ScotiaJam, in 2015. The two years will allow both the NS Council and the CJ'17 organizing team the time necessary to ensure successful events. It will also better align with the schedule for World Jamborees, which are also held every four years. Allowing two years from CJ'17 to WJ'19 will allow our youth, their families and their Scout Groups, time to fundraise for these special events.

Canadian Scout Jamborees were held every four years, beginning in 1977. However, since 2001, there have been only two Jamborees held, one in 2007, for the 100th anniversary of Scouting, and one this past year in 2013. The National Service Team is working to get our National Jamborees back into a regular rotation so that all youth will have an opportunity to attend a CJ while a Scout. Our other focus is to hold our Jamborees, where possible, on Scouts Canada owned land. This is important as we look to continuing the development of our properties, allowing them to provide a great place for Scouting adventures.

In addition to Nova Scotia, there are three other Councils planning to hold Council Jamborees in 2015. Again, a 2017 date allows us to better coordinate fundraising requirements and planning.

As we look to Program Revitalization, and the Canadian Path, the working team has recommended that our Scouts program be a four-year program, for youth aged 11–14. This change in age range by one year aligns with the program goals of developing stronger leadership skills in Scouts before they transition to Venturer Scouts. This will also ensure a program goal that every Scout will get a chance to attend a CJ as a youth participant.

For youth wanting to attend CJ'17, we will follow the same guidelines that were established for our most recent National Jamboree events. In this case, youth registered in by June 1, 2017 as a Scout, are eligible to attend.

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Scout Canada-Saskatchewan Council would like to acknowledge and thank the Saskatchewan Lotteries Trust Fund and Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation for the generosity of the annual funding grant to support Scouting Adventures in the province of Saskatchewan.

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