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Campanoe Challenge

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Event date: 
Jul 29, 2017 to Aug 6, 2017
Standard Date:
One Time Event
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* These amounts are based on last year and may change.
   Please check back later for the actually cost.
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Keith Ashdown

Canoe instruction, trip preparation, hiking tips, compass, lashing and pioneering skills.

Water fights, Obstackle Course, family BBQ, campfire and Scouts Own

Progressive programs are designed to advance canoeing skills yearly. Participants also experience different geographical areas depending on their program year. For example:

  • Frog, Cub, Tenderfeet & 1st Year
    • Good Spirit Lake (Base Camp)
  • 2nd Year
    • Kamsack to Pyotts Point Manitoba
  • 3rd & 4th Year
    • Churchill River System (Northern Trips)

Please visit the individual program pages for more information on each program!

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