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Camp Pi-Anue 2018

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Jun 29, 2018 to Jul 8, 2018
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One Time Event
Moose Mountain Provincial Park - Gillis Lake
Youth: $175.00
Leaders: $129.00
Registration is due May 1, 2018
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Don R. Rose
Contact Info:

This Traditional Scout Camp in the form of a mini Jamboree comes with real campfire programs.  Open wood burning fires for cooking and sitting around in your own camp site are encouraged.

Each child will spend nine full days of “outdoor living and learning while having fun”. Youth will learn how to live in the “Great Outdoors” coping with all that nature can throw at you and still be safe and comfortable.  Each Youth will learn skills that will be useful for the rest of his/her life.  At the end of a week of wilderness adventures, campers are treated with a day at the amazing Kenosee Water Slides on Friday. 

Saturday is the fun filled Challenge Day, when learned skills such as fire lighting, canoe handling, camping skills and agility courses are tested and demonstrated to visitors, followed by a barbeque supper and topped off with a ceremonial campfire and awards, complete with take home trophies.

Each self-contained group has a private campsite, surrounded by trees and shrubs. There’s plenty of room for your tents, outdoor living, cooking over an open fire and building camp gadgets.  This is one of the last remaining Scout Camps where you are allowed to have a real wood burning campfire. 

Ahhh, the smell of coffee brewing on a crackling wood fire, the sounds of nature all around . . .

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