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Beaver Buggy Bash- Wascapelle Area

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Event date: 
Mar 22, 2015
Standard Date:
One Time Event
Michael Riffle High School. Rochdale & McCarthy Blvd.
Amount to budget: 
$6.00 per Beaver registered before March 11 or $10.00 per Beaver after that date
* These amounts are based on last year and may change.
   Please check back later for the actually cost.
Contact Info: 
Holly Nagel
2015 Wascappelle Area 
Beaver Buggy Bash (BBB)
What is a Beaver  Buggy Bash? 
This is NOT a matchbox toy car derby. Before the event, beavers construct an awesome Beaver buggy in their colonies using the Beaver Buggy kits available from the Scout shop (similar to cub cars but are Beavers on skate boards instead) painting them and decorating them.  Cost is approx $3.00 per kit plus paint and decoration costs. The Beavers bring their creations to the BBB and run it down the distance tracks, on the mats, and down the Beaver Jump, and through the obstacle course. The event is non-competitive with a focus on trying. It exposes the beavers to the elements of Kub Kars without the competitive nature of the cub car rally.   
When: Sunday March 22 , 2015 
Time: 1:00 - 4:00 
Place: Michael Riffle High School. Rochdale & McCarthy Blvd. Regina, Sk 
Cost: $6.00 per Beaver registered before March 11 or $10.00 per Beaver after that date -includes crest, goodie bag, any program costs.
1:00 - 1:30   Registration & station set up 
1:30         Opening Ceremony 
1:45 - 3:30   Station Activities 
3:30         Closing ceremony & Group Picture 
3:45         Goodie Bags & departure 
4:00 - 4:30   Station tear down & Clean up
At least 1 leader from the colony or group must attend the event as the "leader in charge" for the colony. Parents can not fill this role as not all the parents recognize each other, but they all know their leaders. 
Each colony attending is expected to provide at least TWO adults to assist with the event: one to run or assist with running an activity station and one to be a group leader for the groups of Beavers moving through the stations. If 80 beavers attend, there will be about 13-14 youth in each activity group. Remember the Beaver to Adult ratio is 5:1 plus at least one additional leader. Please bring enough qualified adults to meet the ratio and provide adequate help.
1. Track - we need 3 sets of Cub Car distance tracks - Can you supply these? 
2. Mats - we need 2 sets of Cub Car mats (draw to the circle), obstacle, distance - The 77th will supply 1 set, Can your group supply another set? 
3. Beaver Jump and buggy obstacle course  The Beaver jump is in storage and can be picked up, but whoever assumes the activity will have to construct an "obstacle course" 
4. craft station –  any ideas?
5. Beaver game 
6. Song/Story station 
Pit Stop - repair station for those Beaver Buggies that blow a wheel or lose detailing and need it re-glued.(Equipment: hammer, glue gun, glue sticks, extension cord, lubricant, spare wheels to replace lost or broken ones, googly eyes – I have this)  I will try to bring some extra wheels, but if you have spares, would you mind sharing them?
Groups must pre register their participating youth and identify their station and activity group leaders with Scouter Holly Nagel before March 14 (e-mail: Youth may be substituted, but we are preparing the craft material and goodie bags the week end of March 14-15 so no late extra registrants please! We will not be able to accommodate them. Drop in registrations on the day will not be allowed to participate unless they are substituted for a pre-registered youth who is unable to attend. Participant Registration list form is at the end of this document.
Groups may pay the registration fee as they check in on March 22 for the total number of Beavers pre-registered - whether the Beavers actually show up or not.
Please provide one cheque for entire colony registration - writing out receipts for 80 beavers @6.00 each takes too long. Registering leaders will get crests, name tags, and groupings for their youth. Youth from each colony are split up amongst all six activity groups, although we try to ensure that there are at least two youth from a colony in an activity group.
Make Cheques Payable to:
Wascappelle Area – Scouts Canada
Goodie bags consist of a drink (pop or juice) and chips, plus a balloon, pencil and/or other small stuffables as the budget permits. They are distributed at the end of the event as the youth leave.   

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