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32nd Annual Saskatchewan Cub Camp - 2018

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Event date: 
Jun 1, 2018 to Jun 3, 2018
Standard Date:
1st Weekend of June
Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Scout Camp
$40 per Particpant/Scouter
$30 per Offer of Service
Contact Info: 
Rhonda Harty - Camp Administrator
Contact Info: 
Lana Abrahamson - Camp Chief
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Theme:  HUNGER GAMES Training Camp

Our theme was chosen by the youth who attended last year's camp!  Our adventure will inlude  survival skills, puzzles, and challenges that will help prepare us for anything that life throws at us!

Location:  ANGLIN LAKE Scout Camp

We are so fortunate to have many amazing scout camps in our province.  Council has decided to move the Cub Camp around the province every few years to showcase some of these amazing properties.  This year's location is on the end of the beautiful Anglin Lake - known for it's amazing sunsets, and on the edge of the incredible boreal forest of Northern Saskatchewan. The camp is staffed and maintained by the Saskatchewan Service Corps Venturer Company.  They are excited to host us and eager to offer their services as needed.

Cost: $40 per Participant/Scouter, $30 for Offers of Service

Included in your fees are: fun, adventure, amazing sunsets, nature, camping fees, programming, and lunch on Saturday. Mosquitoes are free.

Badge Contest:

We are running a badge contest again this year! The winning entry will be the badge for the event and will be given out to all who attend.  Deadline for submission is March 20, 2018.  See the attached poster for specific details: Badge Contest Poster

Registration Information:

Please email us with any questions that you have!

Please read your registration package thoroughly and complete all steps.

REGISTRATION PACKAGE - Click Link to get a printable package you can fill out & email in.  Please note a pdf fillable package is also on it's way.

This camp is for Cub Scouts and 3rd Year Beavers.  Activities are not really geared to younger youth.

Please be aware that any non-registered adults will need a police record check to stay in camp overnight.  At a camp of this magnitude it is not possible to introduce and explain a "parent only" role to everyone in camp as outlined in the screening policy.  The nature of this camp is that all adults will be interacting with youth other than their own, and therefore must be screened as parent volunteers.  There is also public camping available just down the road at Anderson Point.

What to Bring?

You will camp as a cub pack and need to come self contained.  Bring your cooking gear, tents and food for all meals except Saturday lunch.  It will be provided.  We have included a personal cub pack list and a cub pack gear list in the registration materials.  Please read the Welcome letter carefully, as it contains many details that will make your camping experience better.  There are no vehicles allowed on site, so please be prepared to hike in gear (up to 1km); consider bringing a wagon/cart or dolly.  Food will be stored in central storage areas, so consider organizing by "meal".

Offers of Service (OOS):

Other Scouters, Scouts and Venturers may attend as Offers of Service (OOS).  To give the OOS their own "camp experience" they can camp in their own OOS area.  Food is provided for all OOS, and because we often have "staff" meetings during meal times, they should plan to eat all meals with the OOS team.  Follow this link to get more Offer of Service Info: OOS for 2018 SK Cub Camp



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