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Camp Totowamihk

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About Camp Totowamihk

Camp Totowamihk is located a few miles south of Moose Jaw, just off the #2 highway. The Moose Jaw River winds around the perimeter of the camp. The camp itself is on approximately 15 acres of land, sheltered by hills and trees and surrounded by pasture and watershed land. This camp is ideal for all sections as there is plenty of everything to practice all levels of Scouting skills in a safe environment.

Totawamihk was started in 1947. Development of the camp has been accomplished over the years by many dedicated individuals and groups. While our "Thanks" today cannot repay the hours (years!) of volunteer effort, perhaps the laughter and enthusiasm of the youth makes it worthwhile.

Camp Totowamihk has an activity building available with limited electricity available. All heating is with wood. Renters must supply their own supply of water.

The Camp is easily accessible by gravel road with plenty of parking. Groups must come self-contained. Tenting sites are available throughout the area. There is also plenty of open space for wide games and ceremonies.

A couple of our sponsors we would like to thank that support us are:

1) Oasis on Wheels for our drinking water at different events.

2) Sukanen Museum for the larger tractors we borrow on occasion when we need them.


Rental Rates and Booking Information

For the camp & buildings;

Weekend (Friday-Sunday) - $150 (for groups over 25, an additional $1.50/person per night.)

Weekday (up to 3 days, 2 overnight): $100 (for groups over 25, an additional $1.50/person per night)



Email: Dale Jelinski

Please be sure to include contact name/address/home phone/cell phone, group name, size of group,number of other groups (if having any), and expected arrival & departure times. Including this information in your initial email will speed the process up.

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