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Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Scout Camp

Anglin Lake Semi-Wilderness Scout Camp is located approximately 65km north-west of Prince Albert. This camp is run and maintained by a youth-led venture group known as the

Saskatchewan Service Corps. The Corps provides program (see list below) and maintains the structures, campsites and trails. The programming provided is based on what your youth want!  Youth leading youth is what we do.  Groups come self contained for food and gear, and the Saskatchewan Service Corps is there to provide all of the programming for your youth.


Camp is open as follows:

  • May - June - weekends
  • July
  • August - Staff Training mostly
  • Fall - Oct 4-6th - see Fall Camp info below
  • Winter - Contact us & ask - we'll see what we can do. The Corps can be available to instruct at camps elsewhere in the province. For more details on booking and camp services, please contact the Service Corps advisor Randy Abrahamson at


Upcoming Events:

Booking Information:

Camp Rates:

For scouting members:

$12.50 per camper/per night

**Programming is included in camp rates.**


Non-Scouting members:

$15 per camper/per night


If you are interested in bringing your group to Anglin please contact:


Regular Programming:

  • Axe, knife and saw

  • Firelighting

  • Slingshots

  • Basic first aid skills

  • Canoeing and T-rescue

  • Over 15km of hiking trails

  • Nature lore

  • Knots and lashing

  • Orienteering

  • Pioneering

  • Shelter building

  • Formal campfire

  • Wide Games (flags, snipes, etc)

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Packing for various types of camp(hiking, canoeing, lightweight, and survival)


Benefits of camp include:

  • Nightly garbage pick-up

  • Youth teaching youth experiences

  • Fully flushable latrines (cleaned daily)

  • Regularly maintained campsites

  • Extensive hiking trails

  • Four off-site camps (perfect for day trips and small canoe trips)

  • Available drinking water

  • Running water throughout camp (for dishes only)

  • Swimming and canoeing beaches (complete with swim dock)

  • A northern Boreal experience

  • Lakeside (Great fishing)

  • A completely stocked first-aid station (Corps members are trained in Standard first aid, Wilderness First Aid, and CPR A/C)

  • A welcoming group of young individuals ready to service your every need






If you are a youth aged 12-14, currently registered in scouting and are interested in joining the Saskatchewan Service Corps, click here to be directed to the Sask. Service Corps page.



The Saskatchewan Service Corps 2013-2014


Corps Member and a young cub, doing pushups during a game of Flags in order to get "free".


The Corps enjoying breakfast at Anglin.






Anglin is well-known for its beautiful sunsets, the lake provides a great spot for enjoying the evening or taking some photos.



Padre Geoff Hopper Memorial Chapel. Scouts Own on a brisk Sunday morning.


The Camp Office


Corps members guiding a Northern Churchill canoe trip.


The Saskatchewan Service Corps flag.


Spencer Keys (Rover) solo portaging a canoe on a portage in the Churchill River system.


Corps Members on a Churchill Canoe trip (6 Portage).


Tents found within the Corps Area. This is where Corps members sleep and get ready for the day.


The Front Gate and Parking Lot


Found at the front gate of camp.


A photo of the ceremonial campfire ring. The Corps provides a campfire as part of the programming it offers.


Boathouse Two- First Aid Station and Food Storage.


Boathouse One- Tool storage and repair area.


Corps Area-Corps Kitchen and Table.


The swim dock and swimming area available for group use.



Service Corps member Ali Kent helps a cub scout during a firelighting session.


Miranda Bellisle teaching knot tying to a cub scout.


Service Corps member Jean-Luc Christophersen teaching an Axe, Knife and Saw session. 


Service Corps Rover Ryan Abrahamson helping a cub scout start a fire during a firelighting session.


The corps sitting down for lunch.

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